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  1. Man City - West Ham 2x1 West Brom - Brighton 0X1 Leeds - Aston Villa 1x2 Newcastle - Wolves 2x0 Crystal Palace - Fulham 2x1 Leicester - Arsenal 2x1 Tottenham - Burnley 3x0 Chelsea - Man Utd 2x1 Sheffield Utd - Liverpool 1x3 Everton - Southampton 2x1 Man City - Wolves 3x1 Burnley - Leicester 0x2 Sheffield Utd - Aston Villa 1x2 Crystal Palace - Man Utd 1x2 Fulham - Tottenham 0x2 West Brom - Everton 0x2 Liverpool - Chelsea 1x2 Tiebraker: 28 minutes USERNAME: Skyzee
  2. casino: MINES: 35,055,646,842 placed by Skyzee on 26/01/2021 Wagered 0.01909000 Multiplier 17.5154x Profit 0.31527869
  3. Fortnite laa that very make u happy
  4. Skyzee

    Keno strategy

    I want to search keno strategy in this post, i hope i find
  5. Thats random sir, but usually i good after change seed
  6. I think that is not impossible Good luck and have fun all
  7. I just want win in hilo gambling, and make me so happy Pls someone got hit AAAAAAKKKA for know how many that multiplier
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