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    BTPCO reacted to RDx7 in MeMe   
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    BTPCO reacted to LucRod in Just lost 800 dollars. What is your biggest loss you ever had?   
    my biggest lose ? 34 000 xrp on the crash ( crash a 0.00 )
  3. Ethereum
    BTPCO reacted to Mashfiqun2018 in [$800] Birthday Afterparty 🍾 | Hilo Challenge   
    HILO: 27,560,369,525
    placed by Mashfiqun2018 on 10/08/2020
    0.57600000 Multiplier
    6.12021x Profit
  4. Ethereum
    BTPCO reacted to Mazda3 in [$800] Birthday Afterparty 🍾 | Hilo Challenge   
    HILO: 27,559,280,063
    placed by Mazda3 on 10/08/2020
    0.00003000 Multiplier
    2.16371x Profit
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    BTPCO reacted to Steve in Discord removal   
    Unfortunately the discord server is getting to the point where it's causing more harm than good and it's a tough decision to let go but it will be beneficial to the Stake community as a whole moving forward. If you're in the server you probably understand already what's going on with the amount of people sending scam messages and trying to steal your coins through discord.

    The amount of complaints we're receiving from the community about being scammed or people attempting to scam them through discord is only increasing as the days go and the amount of bots flooding things such as the public giveaways is also increasing. Another big problem is people impersonating Stake staff members in an attempt to gain your trust. From here you can be certain of impostors because we will no longer be using discord.

    I'll certainly miss the server myself and if anyone was around from the beginning you'll remember the struggle of keeping one open! Rest in peace Stake discord you'll always be a positive memory!

    Comment below your best Stake discord memories for a chance to win a prize!
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    BTPCO reacted to ekauspex in Have you watched anime?   
    Oh yes, unfortunately, I also do not really like anime, as the post says above, I also like more classic movie pictures! )))
  7. Ethereum
    BTPCO reacted to YamaTakai in Have you watched anime?   
    I have watched anime alot of times.. a weeb is right infront of you..
  8. Bitcoin
    BTPCO reacted to edenbrdz in Are you satisfied with Stake?   
    I love stakes community and I love the new stake update so much!
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