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  1. This was only for OAuth accounts. Luckily, it was resolved quickly.
  2. Hey, Thanks for pointing this out, we will look into this. @ThomasTV2 Could you, please, send us the order ID of this exchange on Live Support?
  3. Hi there, This happens since you open the Calculation page that is available for Casino games only. When you open any bet from Casino chats, this issue won't occur. For any further information regarding this, please, reach us out on live support.
  4. Hello, As we have tested now, the ignore function works properly. Ignored user shouldn't appear in your chat feed again. If you do encounter such an issue again, please, reach us out on live support with the details.
  5. These notifications have been removed for the time being and currently, we do not have any info when this feature will be back. As soon as we have more info, we will inform you, guys.
  6. Hello, Issues with 2FA usually happen due to the time not being synced correctly, the time on your device you're logging in and the one where you're receiving the 2FA code must be the same. This is the most common reason for receiving an invalid 2FA code. However, if nothing helps, you can always contact us on support and submit a request for 2FA disabling. We strongly advise having 2FA enabled for better security of your account. You can always reach us out on live support, 24/7.
  7. Hello, This has been fixed in one of the last updates. Thank you for reporting here.
  8. Hello, it seems that this has been resolved on support already. It was most likely a latency issue or similar, so refreshing would help in that case, however, this shouldn't be happening again. Please, contact us on support if any further help is needed.
  9. Hello, guys! Not all posts and topics will earn you forum rewards since not all forum sections are pay-per-post. If they don't appear in your transactions, it means that they weren't in the pay-per-post section at all and don't qualify for forum rewards.
  10. Hey, @kaostriker This should be resolved with the latest update and messages should be shown properly now. We apologize for any inconvenience caused earlier by this. Feel free to reach us out on Live Support for any further help if needed.
  11. Hello again! πŸ‘‹ Our developers have deployed an update for fixing this. You should be able to log in without any issues now. Please, let us know on Live Support if any further issue occurs. Kind regards!
  12. Hi, guys! πŸ‘‹ Here are this week's winners: @Aponix 14 points | 0.0005 BTC @ZangerRinus 13 points | 0.00035 BTC @cukup2 11 points | 0.0003 BTC @zhestka 10 points | 0.00005 BTC @Saaho2019 10 points | 0.00005 BTC @sofia 10 points | 0.00005 BTC @Faris 10 points | 0.00005 BTC @Thepug 9 points | 0.00005 BTC @maverick528 9 points | 0.00005 BTC @arkadian93 9 points | 0.00005 BTC Ties were sorted based on your Tiebreaker guesses. This giveaway has been credited now. Thank you for participating, everyone! Till next time!
  13. The order of the cards does not matter.
  14. Twisted Fate πŸƒ Ends: 13/01/20 @ Midday (12pm) GMT Requirements: Win the following bets: Blackjack: Win a Blackjack with A + K cards in black suit. Baccarat: Win a tie bet with both the banker and the player having all black cards. Video Poker: Win a 4 of a kind bet with any of these cards 10/A/J/Q/K (4 of 10s, or 4 of K's, etc.) You are allowed to change seeds, and bets do not have to be in the given order; Minimum bet: 0.00000100 0.00003200 0.00005400 0.00017000 3.60000000 0.03800000 0.54000000 Bet must have been made after the commencement of this promotion. 1 valid entry per household. Hidden bets mode must be disabled during the whole duration of the promotion. Do not change your linked account during the whole duration of the promotion. 10+ Post count on the forum. Prize Pool(s): (based on the number of unique players) Minimum prize pool: 0.01 BTC If over 30 participants: 0.03 BTC If over 40 participants: 0.05 BTC If over 50 participants: 0.06 BTC If over 200 participants: 0.08 BTC How to Enter: Respond to this topic, and link your bet IDsπŸŽ„ using the link function in the text editor. (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in image below)
  15. Hello, football fans! I hope you're looking forward to this weekend's matches, because, this week, we can't wait to see your predictions for the Spanish league. Happy holidays, everyone! πŸŽ† If you guess the correct score you will get 3 points for that game but if you just guess correct outcome (home/away win or draw) you will get 1 point for that match. For example if you predict "home team" 4 - 1 "away team" and that is the actual final score you will get 3 points but if "home team" win 2-0 you would get 1 point as you guessed home win correctly. Round 19 matches: Valladolid - Leganes Sevilla - Ath. Bilbao Valencia - Eibar Getafe CF - Real Madrid AtlΓ©tico Madrid - Levante Espanyol - Barcelona Granada - RCD Mallorca Real Sociedad - Villarreal AlavΓ©s - Real Betis Celta Vigo - Osasuna Tiebreaker: Guess the number of visitors on Getafe CF - Real Madrid match. Requirements: Make your predictions in Stake Discord server and post screenshot of them here. Predictions must be posted prior to the start of the first match (prior to 06:00pm GMT on the 3rd of January). Haven't broken any General Giveaways Rules! Prize Pool: 1st place: 0.0005 BTC 2nd place: 0.00035 BTC 3rd place: 0.0003 BTC 4th-10th place: 0.00005 BTC