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  1. Mirela

    [Open] Dogecoin Pet Contest!

    Post your photo/video on YouTube or Instagram and then post the link to your entry here. YouTube entries put Stake.com anywhere in the title Instagram entries use the hashtag #PetsOfStake and @StakeCasino
  2. I've recently finished watching Peaky Blinders, and Mr. Robot (I know, I know, I'm late ). Right now I'm watching the 4th season of Blindspot and I've also just started with animated series Rick & Morty. As for the Blindspot, if you're into detective and mystery tv series, you'll like this one (P. S. don't judge it by its trailer and the first few episodes 😛 )
  3. Mirela

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    Ok, I'm back to spam this thread a bit (and win obviously) 😋
  4. Mirela


    As others said, some of your content was deleted, therefore the satoshis you previously received went to negative balance. This is to avoid spam and abuse of the Pay per Post. Try to post more meaningful content that will add to the discussion rather than comments such as "nope", "good luck", etc. in order to avoid this happening again. Thank you for the contribution to the forum and best of luck! This is due to the evaluation period of new accounts, please, refer to this topic to find out how Pay per Post works:
  5. Mirela

    Real Life Pictures

    Except me, I have posted already The entire team, but girls are more impatient
  6. Mirela

    Halloween Special on Stake

    Haha all this effort to persuade her to stream and she's still playing hard to get, Faris @Jelena please, get serious a bit
  7. Mirela

    Real Life Pictures

    As a matter of fact, the entire staff from support office is waiting for you to post here! Who will you tag? Someone needs to break the ice here
  8. Mirela

    Marvel or DC?

    I still think we should put one on the wall in front of our desk! As for the movie, I will post my impressions once I've seen it, until then, I'll be busy looking at this poster, don't try to reach me, thanks! ❤️
  9. Mirela

    Halloween Special on Stake

    Interesting idea! Why not, @Jelena has been promising a stream for far too long It's high time that she stands in front of the camera!
  10. Omg *bans Etude and leaves on vacation!
  11. Geez, really hope none of you here ever gets banned, seems support would get heavily spammed if that would happen
  12. Mirela

    Challenge Entry and Ghost Mode Issue?

    Oh no, that explanation was the answer to @justadream's question about this week's challenge payments.
  13. Mirela

    Challenge Entry and Ghost Mode Issue?

    Hello. Yes, it has been decided to have more transparency on the bet entries since an increasing number of users is joining the challenges. Therefore, ghost mode should be disabled until the challenge is closed. As for that issue, if I'm right, you should be able to join the giveaway on Twitter regardless of having a newbie account, however it won't let you join if it appears that you're using throwaway account. You can try with verifying your Twitter account by adding email, for example, avatar, etc. in order to increase activity of your account. Hope it works! Your entry was not eligible due to not fulfilling the requirement of the challenge which was to win 3 bets on a tie by having number 6. We wish you more luck with the future challenges!
  14. Hello! This has already been answered in this topic: The issue should be resolved soon. We appreciate your patience!
  15. Mirela

    What are you Listening to?

    And the cover of it: