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  1. Mirela

    Challenge payouts

    Heya, sorry, the giveaway payment is a bit delayed, it's been Stake's anniversary week, so we worked on some other things, hope you won't get mad at us for being a bit late this time! The giveaway will be paid by the end of the week.
  2. Mirela

    Real Life Pictures

    @Milan Can it be there? It's perfect for a wedding, it even has a nice view to a river 😍 And is that I love you heart for him too? Aww ❤️
  3. Mirela

    Real Life Pictures

    Well, this is the most beautiful community ever!👀 Faris, stalker, where's your pic? 😘 It's a surprise indeed! Lol, yeah, we either eat and drink too much, or we just have too many celebrations? This photo is ❤️! Can we photoshop it and add Irena and Marija there somehow, too? Blondie 😍 It's a rural-style restaurant
  4. Hey all! Since the old topic with real life pictures got deleted (due to an earlier forum issue), I've decided to create a new one Hopefully, you won't be shy and we'll get to see your pretty faces as well! For starters, here's 2 team pictures (since we don't have one where we're all together yet ) we'll break the ice! Oh, and yeah, happy birthday, Stake! 🍰💙
  5. Mirela

    Not lil Satan

    Welcome to this crazy awesome community, you'll love it! Also, I'm interested to hear more about this. Yeah, all the guys in the office have 5-7 wives each. 🤷‍♀️ What's wrong with that? 🤣
  6. Hey again! It represents the whole amount of accumulated satoshis that you earned so far. Available balance is shown on the right side on the homepage and also on Economy Dashboard.
  7. Great! You're welcome, since it's solved now, locking the topic
  8. Heya! Yes, suggestions can be made at https://stake.canny.io/ Full topic: There is no other forum area for the suggestions since then, although a lot of members seem to leave their suggestions in the sections meant for other Stake related discussions.
  9. Heya! Getting rid of that error message can be achieved in two ways, for some simple logging out and back in solves the issue, but for some only clearing cache and cookies helps. Try doing this once again, please, also check if your browser is updated to the latest version. If the issue still persists even after you have taken the measures written above, please, contact us on Live Support, so we can check the issue with you in more details. Cheers!
  10. Mirela

    A Pizza Poll.

    "No pineapple on pizza" people are winning! There's still hope for the mankind 😁
  11. Mirela

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    No, because I'm going to win soon
  12. Oh and I thought she's only famous for "big ass" (which is still enigma as in why would someone be famous because of it), but there's more! Lol Thanks @wry for giving a summary of her road to fame, and I would never torture you to research more about them! Thanks, zack zack, too! @CaptainLorca It really is an interesting fact, although most of us is here wondering why the hell would she be famous! Nonetheless, your topic got us involved into a discussion, keep up the good work, xtine! 😘
  13. Mirela

    Language changing

    Hey! We are aware of this and it's been reported already. Yes, it seems it's due to the Russian text being longer so it falls under the logo depending on the size of your browser window. What helps is to click zoom or just resize the window until the language icon is visible again, but I'm sure our awesome devs will take care of this soon!
  14. Why is that woman famous, or her whole family for that matter, I will never know, but hey, I agree with what people said above, it could be helpful to introduce BTC to new groups of people. On the other hand, from what I realize, a great part of her fandom are teenagers (or even younger ones), so I'm not sure how much of an "effect" will this have since I reckon they won't be much interested in crypto. 🤔 It's a bliss not to know who that is, trust me!
  15. Mirela

    Luv the Stake

    @bmg Thank you so much for those words, it means a world to hear that what we do is appreciated! 👀 And I hope you know that we love all you awesome people back, thank you for being here! ❤️ And eating cookies? 🍪