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  1. So everytime i enter to Spanish chat there is a group of rain farmers (including the Spanish mod) who literally hate people to go in the Spanish chat because they are used to farm the rainbot all day, every single time i go in that chat a person from that group insults me and ofcourse i respond (that includes the Spanish mod, he insults and calls rat people he don't even know), so lately i have been triggered by them, they have a telegram group they talk about openly IN STAKE CHAT, and when this happens they call each other to come talk shit in stake chat and it's just so toxic. Yesterday
  2. i feel like as long as you have a pc, you shouldnt play on phone, that makes you literally dont stop playing
  3. Brother i got banned from forum for 7 days because i found the forum and started using it and they said my posts were bad basically. when im 100% sure there was no review on them but only on how many posts i made.
  4. isn't that the same as just using autobet on stake dice?
  5. 28coco28

    Discord removal

    Get rid of scammers, not of cool stuff
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