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  1. It was for telling people to off themselves. You made a thread about it, remember?
  2. None of this is true. It's not all about your seed. It's about basic math - the probability of an event happening. Format of your seed doesn't matter even a little bit. Each game having it's own seed is not what 'really makes it provably fair'.
  3. KENO: 63,886,283,909 placed by dupeddonk on 28/11/2021 Wagered 0.00030102 Multiplier 390x Profit 0.11709678
  4. Hey me too. Stick with it no doubt it won't be long before the $9k you blew is in the past and nothing more than a lesson. Doesn't matter who you are or where you live, the world needs programmers, and if you can learn React and Javascript, you can learn any framework and language.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that you're stressed. Perhaps the real source is something other than being offered a very small amount of free money every 10 minutes? Either way, exercise and a healthy diet always helps with stress.
  6. Of course Stake employees can gamble.
  7. sounds like you gave away some money to strangers 🤑 and now you're trying to make people feel bad 🦁 for you and give you money 👩🏾‍🤝‍👩🏼
  8. No. When you set your seed, all the outcomes are determined. Nothing can change those outcomes other than you changing your seed.
  9. That would defeat the whole point of having a player seed.
  10. Hitting a bonus and then closing the window requires more self control than I have available while playing slots.
  11. relax and no limit games seem to be the two where I find old money most often
  12. the most recent max win gets first place
  13. You should consider rating each promo for value, maybe include a disclaimer it's just your opinion. Crappy promos like pragmatic drop and wins or daily race get1 or 0 and only the best get a Flive.
  14. Stake pays a price as well any time a player attempts to deposit and ends up losing everything before getting the chance to make a single bet (assuming Stake didn't receive the players funds and just keep them). Especially when it happens regularly and could be easily prevented from happening in the future.
  15. I don't understand why they are pulling this crap. Anyone know if Eddie or Stunna has commented on the issue? I still feel like it could just be middle management being idiots. If I were in your situation first I would get Eddies attention and make sure he's aware of what's happening and wtf if so. I'm not an expert on this stuff so maybe I'm over looking something, but if you get a BS answer from Eddie I guess you should go make some noise on other forums and stuff. I'd expect the reaction would be negative enough they would change their policy to not keep money that they aren't ethically entitled to and return all the money that their players accidentally lost to them without ever making a wager.
  16. No. It's on my to do list, so probably maybe it will eventually.
  17. They are are not ad hominem attacks since he was criticizing the merit of your argument. You made a post about captchas, XRFlive said you were making a big deal about nothing and just trying to start a war. If he would have said something like "He's crazy, he thinks he can construct his own seeds" or "I've wagered more than you and have a higher VIP level" (he never suggested either of these things, just making up an example) then it would be an ad hominem attack because neither of those things are relevant to the merit of your argument. The argument that you're making a big deal about nothing and just trying to start a war are.
  18. You need both the client (player) seed and the server seed. (You hash both of them together and then use that hash to determine the result) You don't know what the server seed is until you change your current seed, all we have is the hash of the server seed to prove it was decided before the client seed was set (when server seed is revealed, you hash it and check that it matches the hash they gave you before you set client seed). If you can get hold of the server seed though, then you have the exact outcome of every bet before you make it.
  19. Can't help you with plinko but your first 1,000,000x hits at nonce 1,198,819 with a result of 8,304,721.92 and in the first 10 million nonces there are a total of seven 1 million + results. Nonce: 1198819, 2117772, 2583474, 2858022, 3089767, 4607956, 8306461 Server Seed │ Player Seed │ Sample Size 'cc1627592c8f0529e1402df901da1b56cb2109081d76a46f3d429ee7085b07d4' │ '_xup9X8uMz' │ 10000000 (Sometimes I run into browser related issues when pasting long nonces into their verifier, it seems to calculate only the first few digits of the nonce once in a while and display the wrong result. You can avoid that by typing it in yourself of pasting it in and then incrementing up one nonce then back down)
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