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  1. hunter


    I think it's impossible to get now . Highest I get was 500x on 1 sat bet .
  2. hunter

    Gary Halloween mask

    Wow! This is great but just wondering if I can walk normal if I wear that mask since Gary's eyes is just one. 😂
  3. hunter

    367580.00x Payout In Hilo

    Extremely amazing! I always cash out when I already get 3 A-A-A or 3 K-K-K. Well because its already 0.0015 btc. Gonna try to lower the base bet and try to hunt for it. Congrats!
  4. hunter

    Create Wallpaper for Stake and win BTC!

    Hi ! Steve this is my entry . For PC (1920 x 1080) FOR ANDROID ( 360x740 ) For Iphone (414x736) PREVIEW : For best results go to this link . 1. FOR IPHONE - https://imgur.com/QKBrwyi 2. FOR ANDROID - https://imgur.com/Saidec7 3. FOR PC - https://imgur.com/dQxmHtm
  5. hunter

    DM Begging

    Just ignore them or remove them as your friend so they can't send dm to you. You can also report them is support by just taking screen shot to prove its a passive begging and support will take action on it. In my case I just don't reply to it and ignore if someone asking for a tip or loan.
  6. hunter

    Mines Multiplier Calculator

    Nothing happened even I press run and it ask for number of mines .
  7. hunter

    Rollhunt bot for users!

    Well this is a nice idea but for me it still a matter of luck when it comes to that.
  8. hunter

    How many accounts you play in a day?

    I only use one account however I am a believer of randomizing seed client helps but still luck matters.
  9. hunter

    Youtube giveaway

    I think the best person to contact is the host of the giveaway because even you ask for support they wont be able help you.
  10. hunter

    Hilo is killer?

    I just hunt big payouts like A-A-A-A or K-K-K-K then after that I switch to other game if I hit it.
  11. hunter

    TOP 5 of your favorite casinos

    My favorite sites are : 1. Luckygames 2. Stake 3. Primedice 4. Casinoroyale 5. Ethergamesclub So far those are my favorite websites.
  12. hunter

    Strategy for hitting 1000x plinko

    I only believe in pre-rolls when I am playing at dice especially if you are hunting big payouts because this site has a nonce so that's why I only use pre rolls to dice . When it comes to plinko I just do auto mode .
  13. hunter

    My high payouts on "Mines" game (not all)

    It's not crazy , you are so lucky to hit it especially the one on top that has a bet of 4 sats. it is so amazing .
  14. hunter

    [Open] Dogecoin Pet Contest!

    Just made it earlier this is my entry @Steve thanks boss .
  15. hunter

    [Open] Dogecoin Pet Contest!

    On your giveaway this is so far the best for me . I am a cat lover and I will participate here to show my cats talent . 😺