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  1. I really don't feel playing with 3 lines only. My lowest selected lines are 5 most of the time I go with 20 lines as there are some winning pattern on those lines as well that I might have missed. Well, it's your choice and if you feel it's profitable for you Good luck and more winnings ! 😃
  2. This was the last video I've watched on youtube. We are all hoping that my fellow countrymen follow the guide to use facemask and I also hope that stupid people don't attacked or discrimate our frontliners.
  3. It's worth it to the point that you can earn a small amount/ easy money for just completing a task. Well me to be honest I don't join always it depends on the challenges if I saw it so easy for me then I'll go if not I just ignore it.
  4. I've seen a lot of casino in my place as I am near in the city on where it is but, for some reason I really don't feel playing it there because I really don't like to go there I prefer sitting on my computer and play casino online .
  5. hunter

    New Slots is Coming!

    Heard already about new slots and I'm hoping there's gonna be like a big difference than our slots now. I'm not saying that our slots is not fun , I mean the more the better yeah ? 😁
  6. hunter

    Most Hated Game

    When I'm new to stake I try this one but there's no fun for me so I go back to my favorite mines and then when slot came out I play there as I really loves it.
  7. hunter

    Starting To Love Dice

    Your 10x multiplier for every lose is too higher . I do it as 15 percent it's also profitable for 10 percent win chance . It can go up to 75 red streaks base on my experience. Not a tech savvy but for me changing seed also matters on your game play. Good luck for more wins!
  8. You can sell your ETH as long as you bought it cheap than the current price or much better you won it from gambling . You can still hodl as market doesn't goes up yet but, if you really need the money you had no choice to sell it and buy food and stay at home.
  9. The biggest amount that I lose in gambling was like $600 but not here as after that happened I learned not to gambling that much. I just focus on playing small amounts so if I lose I will just tell to myself that " not your day men so better get some sleep and forget what happened" . Infact not all the time you lose sometimes you also win and if that happened I keep it somewhere safe so the moment I want to play I'll just wd it and gamble again.
  10. I'm still not able to get my bronze VIP yet as my strat is hunting which resulting to low wager amount . Hoping to get it soon as its already 86 percent.
  11. Ohh!! This is interesting I am now following your thread as I also wanna know how much you can earn as your rakeback hehe .
  12. Eddie said on the stream that you should play with it not save it. So every claim I roll it if it lost just wait again for 10 minutes so far no big boom with reload haha.