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  1. BigMum

    Keno bug.

    did you try the usual clear cache clear cookies refresh the browser and finally restart? then complaint i tried but nothing of sort happens to me
  2. i use a samsung phone it has a unusually large display i enjoy betting on it very much especially when i am having my morning coffee its fun to earn money 1st thing in the morning and stake app does never lag but then need to update the caht component though its sucks big time it always gets stuck i hope they take my adivse and improve chat of stake
  3. yes @caveman2538 i too love cricket my friends all play cricket but i have moslty lost money on them these time am gonna play tennis and see how those bets go may be i turn out to be lucky and win som $$$$$$
  4. well i tell you what i have been to lot of site dont know why i missed stake but let me tell you stak has best bonus on planet excellent customer services and over all great atmoshphere am happy to be here
  5. yeah there is a lucky charm working for me i dance for like 2 min before hunting roll and sometime i get win i dont know i count btw but as long as it gives me money alls good
  6. i dont play much on other game so i cant speak but dice i try to get 2 number on one side and bet on opposite side 4 time till i get green if more than 4 times then i stop eg 56.54 87.35 then i would start playing under <50 4 bets not genius but do it long enough and it pays off
  7. yeah i too try to see and it is gone if they want they can just host torrent or something if its taking too much bandwith i dont know when wiillll it be back
  8. i played plinko some bets but i know there is some magnet in center i think it will take a long for you to hit those target well i will love to see your journey
  9. i tried limbo strategey with xrp and base bet was 0.001 xrp after like 100 bet these is the result Wagered0.24340426Profit0.04502818 it was nice little profit i will try this thanks man
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