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  1. mmo21st

    Never Pee Before Sex

    This comic is so funny. Thanks for your share
  2. Hello, My account is muted . How I can know when is my account unmuted?
  3. You can mining XMR or other coin with PC, I think MinerGate is the best choice
  4. Long time to log in now level down from 13 to 3 and be muted!
  5. You can see url here : https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@mmo21st/mining-idea-earn-monero-xmr-coins-with-android-mobile
  6. Hello everyone,Do you want to mining crypto currency coins?I think to use some old android mobile to mining coins (XMR is the best Opinion now).1 Mobile with 10 H/s and you can earn = 0.000186 XMR per day10 Mobile you can earn 0.00186 per day100 Mobile you can earn 0.0186 XMR per dayBuying old and cheaper Mobiles on markets and do it in free time...