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  1. House Music UK Garage House Tech House jackin House G house get weird and dance like nobody is watching house music!! House music 🎶 is my happy place! House music makes me smile no matter the mood I’m in!!
  2. Thank you thank you! How can someone just not love that song it’s epic!! Thanks for the awesome topic by the way!!
  3. So yeah I hate to admit it but I have not made a bet on the sports bets. I have to say that I’m quite intimidated and I’m not so up on to many teams/sports but I kinda maybe really kinda wanna make a few bets to see how I like it.... Buuuuutttt I don’t get how and I kinda don’t know where to start.... Someone wanna give me a little run down and what sports to look for or something to help me along I’d appreciate it. Thank you in advance and to all of you good luck and big hugs!!! As Always, Mr.Zoom
  4. You should be tipping her for all that......😜
  5. Welcome!! Hope you stay! Stake is an awesome place to play I’ve been here for about 3 years I think and I’d have to say out of all the places I play stake is my favorite games are great and staff is one of a kind!!! Good luck to you!!
  6. Eos moves quick doesn’t cost much to move and it stays at a reasonable price annnnndddd its pretty stable in its price range.
  7. I wish I was an Oscar Mayer weenier then everybody would be in love with me.... And if I was an Oscar Mayer weenier.....
  8. I play at a few other places but when it comes to bonuses stake has really surpassed the competition in many of ways!! Thanks Stake!! #bestcasinobonus
  9. I recently found a show from the 90’s that has me watching episode after episode “The American’s” 90’s sitcoms where always kind of cheesy to me but this one may have a bit of cheese but it’s pretty bad ass so I’m looking past the cheese!!!
  10. I was thinking that it would be way kinda awesomely cool if Stake did a forum challenge as an extra to the raffle going on. By seeing who could guess closest to the number of raffle tickets collectively earned. Either for the whole time or weekly, how many have been earned that week. But that’s just a suggestion..... How many tickets do you have??? How many tickets do you think the person with the highest has??? How many do you think will be earned through the raffle time??? And do you have an idea of how many tickets you would need to have to be able to feel like you have a shooting chance at the grand prize?? Just wondering! Good luck everyone!! Loves and hugs!!! Mr.Zoom!!
  11. Mrzoom1

    Raffle ticket

    I’ve got about 450...... I wonder how many have been issued so far and what’s the most someone has. And what the average is about now.??? Be kind of cool if they had statistics like that on the raffle page.
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