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  1. It's good for wagering but not as fast as other games like dice and limbo since there is a time duration before the next round starts.
  2. I think its good to skip some rounds in crash too just like slide to avoid some super low multipliers. I'll try your strat thanks mate.
  3. I don't think this game is good for wagering , been getting many 0.1x in it.
  4. I think only 3 times in like 500 rolls. Haven't played that much either and I hated it at some point cause i was getting a lot of 0.1x multipliers.
  5. I had tried both and I prefer the old slots which is now called scarab spins for some reason.
  6. I doubt that's the reason for your mute. It would probably be something like you thank rainbot or complained about rains, now that would be mutable.
  7. Honestly my friend first introduced primedice to me. So I played there for a while but then someone on chat said that the owner has been more focused on the sister site which is this site and came to check this out. Haven't regret playing at stake, great experience so far.
  8. Looks good. Keep it up mate. I think it's really cool to promote stake. Best site I've seen so far for casino and especially sports betting.
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