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  1. i really love and played doge in reaching my bronze but why i shifted to other coins?...just trying to reminisce the past when i had a decent balance.
  2. how i wish to play one of that but havent explore yet on games....too ignorant thats why im too slow levelling up..but i can consider your suggestion thanks pretty...
  3. lollipop😄...dunno havent played those yet..sorry
  4. i want home made foods ..i usually prepare it....i cook some recipies...and i like cheezy pizza with pineapple toppings my favorite.. milk tea with tapioca pearls is my drinks..
  5. @aaliansyou are still unable to post bcoz you still have 5posts you need 5 more ...do relevant discussions or comments on topics you see at home page post...goodluck
  6. Dice...just love seeing Dice swinging left and right😆
  7. gwapa sis but pls put off your shades😅😅
  8. what a magic luck you got....think it will not come on 2nd game...best is cashout and chill.
  9. i have the same question too hahahaha....i'm profit oriented but not on casino😃
  10. soo cute @charvelthe one on the first pic.. i like the color...how old is she?
  11. Its fun to Prank someone on April Fools day😆😆
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