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  1. @Tamarathe bench is so spacious for you to sit but...hahaha
  2. Dont worry, stake casino is legit gambling site..all informations is being kept confidential .if you trust stake.. then allow yourself to KYC or submit your valid Ids...
  3. @hunteractually , i have raised that question on chatroom from the host of this event coz i've noticed some who missed that requirement when in fact it is clearly stated and even highlighted... and seems it was not strictly followed. As to my entry.. i was very observant of the rules or requirements so i did my art craft in accordance with the requirements so i was so confident of winning it. just hope that next contest if there will be..judges should adhere with their given requirements.
  4. log-out and change the activity into a more delicious foods like cooking, baking, a lot more fun..
  5. Stake casino resolution?...be more gambler responsible..play at own risk...stay positive....smile at the end of the day..
  6. A blessed new year to you @Bankerxd...More luck to come for 2021.
  7. i should have keep it secret...
  8. a good strategy...good plan ...good results @vijaypondini
  9. is it need to be a creature?..well i just wanna be a beautiful butterfly that can freely fly and landed on leaves and flowers. ..that when someone sees me....wanted eagerly to catch me but desperately coz i fly away.
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