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  1. oh wow super big multi....atleast you have tried to prove one can hit such multiplier... congrats
  2. it's almost 1 month for me to wager 1k$.... after wagering 1k for the last week in August, 2020 ..i was able to chat and catch rains so i maintain 1k plus wager from thereon...it's a matter of waiting don't rush .. there's nothing you can do just follow stake rules and you will be surely there.... wish you luck mate @markito..😃
  3. i thought i can hear from you your funny stories on stake @mistaker... hmmm seems most has the same common stories ...
  4. i just bought vivo x50. no overheating. love it.
  5. oh wow...how much is that in btc?...looking forward for another big win on sports @benturakeep up 👍
  6. Zamia2001 Thank You Stake....💗
  7. that hit really awesome friend. it made me "wow". hope to see you joining tg challenges again soon. Congratz
  8. leave your lost today and make another better for tomorrow...
  9. Thank you sir @Flanfor your calm explanation. i understand clearly..
  10. no comment.i'm not yet VIP. what i just want to say is you're lucky you have all the bonuses..daily, weekly and monthly. how i wish i have too... and if that time comes.. whatever it will be 10mins, daily or once for me..
  11. oh yes i agree. there should be a switch option to dark mode coz we dont have same preferences. this change to white appearance is so bright to the eyes..
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