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  1. wow dearly...you look attractive..❤️
  2. Hello stakers, I just got my platinum1 3 days ago and oh damn almost 8 months in the making 🤩 but i'm so happy it happened on my birthday month(August). How about you guys? how fast are you in achieving your badge? i know most has an amazing story.....
  3. sis when do i see you again ..miss you❤️ omg @Minayou have the cutest mug sweetie love it❤️
  4. hahahahaha..oh my tommy has a honey with similar eyes😅
  5. omg my quess is you are a she @BojanMthats why i want to see your intro.. sorry for that😅 .Hoping the happy and fun times of having you on chatroom will continue to bloom..going stronger all together as one stake family❤️🍷Have a great day.
  6. Doge and xrp sure slang -valut 😅
  7. at first i love very much doge..i won some of it ..then when i saw its so easy to credit on deposit and widrawal, i shifted to xrp
  8. yea casino ...but someday i want to bet on sports
  9. you need a small money to get a small business....run it coupled with patience and willigness👍
  10. Anyone of us -Gareth Gates (Inlove with dimple)stupid mistake
  11. oh a gorgeous lady with a boyish pause? you're so cute hun❤️
  12. Plan and strategy works but not for a long run
  13. Dice too❤️....limbo sometimes
  14. Bonus drops are for those you are able... i mean met the requirements and the fastest hands( nothing we can do)🤨
  15. Relaxing and mellow music but yea depends on mood sometimes...
  16. oh wow what a cute cake bebe @WinClover2514love it❤️
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