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  1. Hello @MinaJJi'm glad having such a nice mod on chatroom..welcome and let's enjoy the fun❤️
  2. never turned cents to 100$ one instead a bigger balance to make a bigger one😅😄😰
  3. Zamia2001

    Keno patterns

    Teach me how to keno.😷...well for my practice, i pick my favorite numbers
  4. miss you beautiful be❤️
  5. a lesson for everyone don't be easily persuaded for we are on online casino.. we really don't know who are the persons we are transacting about. don't be deceived by their sweet talks. thanks for posting @sbourgeois
  6. you too cool..yea me too when i message them..i see to it my message is requesting not demanding hahaha
  7. Really? you spam support to ask for your stats?...when it was not instant i do once a week coz im shy always messaging support to let them give my stats.. hahaha
  8. 24 reds? maybe happened if long time playing?😊
  9. thats my doing too..just excited to see the increase every play 😆
  10. you played great...acceptance and do better next time👍❤️
  11. Yes! Statistics wait no more.👍 I'm glad stake made additional site features like this for easy access of players statistics without messaging support and waiting for them to give the snapshot. If only not limited to five request in a day, i would request my stats. every after play. You guys, how many times you request for your statistics?
  12. wow this is the best i read sis @Sultana075keep up bebe❤️
  13. really it is dear...thanks for sharing your post
  14. The cleanest river in the country through the RIVERs for life award with cash prize of 2k$, i am proud it is found in my town.💓
  15. As a small player, i can win and buy some stuffs but i don't consider it as a long term sourcing out to meet financial needs...
  16. sorry mate..hope you get some soon
  17. so you are pisces right?...love it sis thanks
  18. Hello Libra your horoscope has a great personality too.. thanks for knowing your birthdate.❤️
  19. i really like doge to play...
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