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  1. Everyone's so excited every time their birthday is near approaching..💓😆 I was born on August 03 (Leo ) People born on August 03 is generous, loyal, enthusiastic, optimistic and passionate among others. When is your birthday 🎂🎂🎂 How many candles to blow?
  2. oh sorry to hear dear..luck next time👍
  3. hope that good hands belongs to you sweetie 😄😄😄
  4. really happen anytime..luck next time👍 sorry to hear dear..
  5. i can't buy too expensive things out of stake gambling coz its impossible for me..but i can buy not too expensive ones out of my small winnings just to satisfy my simple desires.( a wrist watch, real me celphone and the latest is facial steamer from shoppee😄💓)
  6. i observed legends not afraid to lost...its win- lost situation😆 hope it will be refunded.👍🍷
  7. change strats every now and then
  8. "killing me soft" +patience = loving me softly💓..nice story ending @hunter👍😄
  9. dice is crazy my dear..but im still playing on dice..lets see what will happen..sorry to hear you're busted..
  10. Im still playing my tiny weekly bonus on 2x dice after 1 hour of claiming...thinking how long will it last?. 😆👍 Maybe some of you guys made it double, triple or just widrawn for the best.....or the "busted" word on chatroom.
  11. hi dear.. be better should be posted on ""real pet pictures"
  12. yea everything is real..i love capturing photos in every adventures i made just on my local province
  13. every year is car in that case..😅
  14. i havent win on big multis but i widrew some on small wins...
  15. oh! this is wow...so nice thanks for posting @TheMrRogers
  16. oh wow what a big cactus.. thanks for posting❤️ Welcome to the new highest point level in Ph highway system only found in my province. 2,428.66meters (7,968.07 ft. above sea level). The coolest Place ...Courtesy of M❤️ and AJ.❤️
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