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  1. Yeah i think for most people a second balance would be annoying. The idea of LamboSavings should help you with your issue.
  2. Did someone tried to write a script for auto coyping HR bets on here ?
  3. HILO: 30,921,959,549 placed by SF42er on 07/11/2020 Wagered 4.10000000 Multiplier 14.5286x Profit 55.46708939
  4. For me its Escape from Tarkov think never palyed some so intense
  5. i think it will but bigger question is when.
  6. sure who playing crypto gambling sites doesnt like it ^^
  7. Prefered pubg for a long time.
  8. Im smoking half of my life now since im 15/16 years old. As a child i made a lot of trouble and been very antisocial until i started smoking weed. I started to be ineterested in nearly any topic and tried to learn as much different things as possible. Now with 32 doctors diagnose ADHS which explains a lot of my behaviour when i was a child. So yes for me it is helpful but i already see the other side and negative effects comin with it. But most important no one can say if it can help you with your problems and it can make it worse instead of helping you.
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