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  1. It would be found out before long by people verifying their bets and their reputation as a casino would be destroyed.
  2. @Dexthesexx You have the option of setting a completely random client seed for every single bet you place, Stake would have no way of knowing the outcome beforehand. Stake gives you hashed server seed You and stake both know the nonce You think of random client seed and enter it You see the server seed has hasnt changed after entering it You place a bet You verify that the hashed server seed matches after the bet Not possible for Stake to know the outcome, and the only way for them to change the outcome of the bet in the above scenario is to cha
  3. They'll never add Safemoon, the devs hold 95% unlocked supply, they could dump it at any moment and that would mean Stake loses however much money they were holding in the Safemoon hot/cold wallet at the time BNB/BSC would be awesome though
  4. Ignore sorry I'm not a smart man
  5. I dont get it that reindeer is the same as the christmas tree...And all the other things that dont count
  6. According to your rules in the OP the christmas tree on live support matches the criteria exactly.....how is the christmas tree any different than any of these other "eligible" submissions?
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