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  1. I've been around the online crypto casinos. Stake in my opinion is far superior.
  2. Mate, you're literally insane. Good hit man!
  3. Money train 2 has the highest x win I've seen - there might be others im not aware of, though
  4. Martingale and pray, there is not set method for profit (I mainly do this for dice and BJ)
  5. Why is both not an option? ALL ANIMALS MATTER
  6. Hacksaw Ridge in all honesty, I've never been to war or felt the need to, but I felt so connected to that movie. It's absolutely beautiful. Highly suggest you watch it!
  7. Stake make money go swoosh, ezpz? Lol
  8. Scarab obviously! Its the OG Stake original and its saved me moer than a few times LO
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