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  1. Stake username : wesleyvbv ESPN username: wesleyvbv Bracket Name: wesleyvbv
  2. 1- wesleyvbv 2- +10 horas por dia 3- Trabalho de um moderador Γ© garantir o chat limpo e com melhor uso possΓ­vel, sem brigas e chingamentos e que conversem bem uns com os outros. 4- Chat cresceu bastante assim dificulta para o atual moderador tambem. 5- mute 30 min por aposta errada 6- nΓ£o 1- wesleyvbv 2- +10 hours a day 3- The job of a moderator is to ensure that the chat is clean and with the best possible use, without fights and swearing and that they talk well with each other. 4- Chat came up quite a bit of difficulty for the current moder
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