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  1. 1.Stake username: mel1983 2.I spent 24/7 online in ph room 3.Moderator is a good example and presentable to a one chatroom and moderator also implementing rules and always check if the chatroom is peaceful. 4.I want to become a moderator to show the peacefullness in chatroom and also stake is my priority online now so its ok to me even they saying that moderator is very hard position.. 5.Yes,one time when im newbie in ph chatroom,i dont know that caps lock is not allow in ph room. 6.Not yet,this is my first time if ever they pick me and im so very thankful for it and i
  2. Stake username: mel1983 ESPN Username: mel1983 Barcket Name: mel1983
  3. what is the cut off date in monthly wagering?
  4. HILO: 35,465,319,327 placed by mel1983 on 02/02/2021 Wagered 0.00021141 Multiplier 4.2544x Profit 0.00068801
  5. im so addicted in basketball...thats my favorite sport..coz you can build up your body by exercising...and many basketball players are healthy body and mind..
  6. what cryptocurrency did you collect in 2 weeks reload.....
  7. if i win lambo..but it convert in btc prize..i will buy a tricycle used to rides always going in market to buy groceries in my sari sari store...hope lucky next year...
  8. thanks for sharing your nice strategy..i always loose in my strategy...hope i can recover in this strategy.
  9. very hard to win in slot..need more bank roll to win in game...i love the graveyard warrior sa fantastic game.
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