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  1. im so addicted in basketball...thats my favorite sport..coz you can build up your body by exercising...and many basketball players are healthy body and mind..
  2. what cryptocurrency did you collect in 2 weeks reload.....
  3. if i win lambo..but it convert in btc prize..i will buy a tricycle used to rides always going in market to buy groceries in my sari sari store...hope lucky next year...
  4. thanks for sharing your nice strategy..i always loose in my strategy...hope i can recover in this strategy.
  5. very hard to win in slot..need more bank roll to win in game...i love the graveyard warrior sa fantastic game.
  6. in gambling play safely ang bet amount what you can afford..
  7. mel1983


    great idea if have poker in stake co its so lovely and entertaining game...please stake add this game soon...
  8. my hobbies as of now is playing stake..very nice and im so happy to play here...so interesting
  9. i found stake with my friend..she said play stake its very intertaining online casino...
  10. mel1983

    XRP investing

    xrp is so importqnt in crypto now...all investors use this and traders...
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