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  1. This is ten percent luck Twenty percent skill Fifteen percent concentrated power of will Five percent pleasure Fifty percent pain And a hundred percent reason to remember the name
  2. Hi there, firstly stake didn't tell that they would give you $1 per ticket you own, it was only a additional promotion to your on site wagers where you had a opportunity to win lambo or some cash prizes. You say that you got $30 or something like that, which is an extra benifit that you got, basically that is a cashback which not many other sites give. Apart from that you would have got many other benifits such as recieving rains, weekly bonus, monthly bonus, forum rewards , daily rewards and what not. What I want to tell is, why are you complaining... You participated in a event and didn't wi
  3. KENO: 32,674,449,541 placed by Nastyy on 19/12/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 26x Profit 0.00002500
  4. $5k a month shouldn't be hard tbh... I myself haven't wagered that much but I only play on the sportsbook and the casino games I play are very limited. I still have like 2k wagered. If you do that 1.01x and stuff like that on casino it really shouldn't be hard.
  5. HILO: 32,541,477,469 placed by Nastyy on 17/12/2020 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 27.6699x Profit 0.00002667
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