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  1. What is Bixby ? And untill triggering what ? Can u atleast tell properly what you want to convey
  2. Protrader786 I just became bronze today
  3. No fear, When Anti-X is here Hello guys/gals, today is 17th of September 2020, a date which has immortalised and will be written in the history books which our future generations will read. There is global Covid-19 panademic, after long research, a laboratory (wants to be confidential) has come up with Anti-X and antidote, a medicine, a gift from God, call it whatever you want, a one stop shop for the end of covid-19 crisis. It has been FDA approved and meets all the medical standards. The UNICEF has collaborated with all the contries as to provide this to all the citizens of
  4. Nevena asked me to post here 😅
  5. Never made it so far yet, 5 mins reload sounds good if your active 24/7 and ready to yolo every time you wager. If you wanna make less bets, don't have enough time or such, you could go for daily reload. It all depends on the amount you are getting.
  6. Dear protrader786, I have written this and kept it safe in order to see if I have made it to the expectations that I am expecting to have been reached when I am reading this in 2025. In the next 5 years, if not achieving anything big, or be very successful, first thing I would focus are to improve my working skills and be a better person than I am now. Try to be humble and more productive to others. I hope to have quit smoking in the next five years, not sure if it'll happen or not, controlling nerves at such things are literally no joke, I hope to have made it I hope I ma
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