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  1. Scarab coz it's easy to win and easy to got the free spin unlike the Blue Samurai it's really hard to win.
  2. Ohh thank you for sharing this strategy..I'll try this since i always busted in hilo hope i got a luck with this. thank you.
  3. My stress reliever is to eat fried chicken partner with coke.
  4. Since i was a kid my dream is to got a job in medical field. but i'was failed i didn't make it. but I'll continue my journey to help my family.
  5. I had a boyfriend since i was a baby 👶
  6. My goal next year is to save more so i can get what i want. 2020 is a though for us including on what's happening in our country you know covid 19 so stay safe y'all.
  7. 1 hour and daily reload is fine especially when you're busy unlike the 10 minutes is just like you're always in a hurry to claim it. but it's up to you if you have a lot of time 😉
  8. I agree that Stake is different from other gambling site..in the past days Stake offer different kinds of games which you can enjoy and learn from it. Good luck🍀
  9. I never experienced playing casino in real, I think it's more tense than here in web (stake.com). I better play here at stake than the real one coz i can relax my mind from not getting tense by the audience.
  10. Thanks for the info..interesting gonna try this one.
  11. IMO No such thing as pure luck. A player might be skilled enough to gain enough profit. who knows this player might be studying the poker for some time now and found the right pattern therefore ending a consistent win .
  12. My biggest loss is 10k xrp on Hilo. sad..but that's life now I'm moving on.
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