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  1. I'm still waiting for my win .. I hope this week it can happen 😄
  2. stake username: Toya FPL Team Name : StakeToya
  3. breaks help us to relax, of course. and this will indirectly allow us to control our gambling appetite.it is true that you said if we play continuously this will make us tend to make stupid bets
  4. Waggering is most effective at 1.01x dice ... or you can play baccarat by putting both sides on the same basebet. This will probably give you a large number of wagers. even though your balance will run out.
  5. I like to try it in football. big teams tend to win games. but you also have to see the condition of the team before the match starts. because there could be some of their key players who have not been played or are injured. And you also have to see if the match is still decisive for the championship.
  6. does this work? I see table tennis is very difficult to predict .. How do you determine which player will get the points first?
  7. football is my favorite. I used to bet while watching the match live for the singles match. maybe because this is the sport I like the most because of that I am more confident
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