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  1. 27 casino:29169621843 8 casino:29169622966 13 casino:29169847133 33 casino:29169853959
  2. when i'm playing the Stake original, i go for Player. because of the payouts, and since it's an unlimited deck, there's always a fair chance on each draw. unlike on live casino, there's a shoe, so you see that there's a trend that you can watch. even though there's always a 50/50 chance on each draw, the number of cards still decreases.. so you'll see that following the trend somehow works. so in live casino, if you see in the stats that majority of the time, player wins, go for player. if there is no history, always go for banker because of the house edge
  3. that's how i got VIP. πŸ˜„ didn't even notice i was already VIP level til i got a message from Support. it's very easy to use on mobile, very addicting. if you're careful with how you bet, you'll last on bacarrat without having to cashing in.
  4. I only double my bets til the 3rd time. Then after that i just keep going 3x.
  5. yeah, the chances of winning on each hand is 50/50, but if you look at the win/lose history on the table, there's usually a trend. and i learned the hard way, that i shouldnt force my luck. if i've lost 3x in a row, time to change tables or take a break.
  6. I had to choose between 10min, hourly or daily yesterday when i refreshed my reload. chose hourly, because when i computed it, i have higher chances of earning as much in bacarrat in 10mins if i do it right, than if i spend every other minute looking at my phone to check if i have to click.
  7. the only reason to take a loan is if you're losing money already in the first place. so the chances of winning to pay what you owe is very low
  8. i tried spreading my bets a few times, just to try. biggest bet on banker. 30% of that on player 5% of that on tie. you get back half of your total bet when the player wins. and win big when it's tie and banker. but it got boring after a while
  9. i'm addicted to baccarat πŸ™‚ easy to win, but also easy to lose
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