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  1. Everton 3-1 West Brom Leeds United 1-1 Fulham Man United 3-1 Crystal Palace Arsenal 4-1 West Ham Southampton 0-1 Tottenham New Castle 1-2 Brighton Chelsea 2-2 Liverpool Laicaster City 1-0 Burnley First goal 12min
  2. I only heard about the vip battles and suddenly ı was happy but didnt tske long damn. I learned that it is only valid for plats. I wanna reach to plat and join vip battles as soon as possible.
  3. I congratulate stake on this, some people complain about the bonuses they get, but they should consider that most other casinos do not offerr bonuses that much.
  4. Actually doesnt matter for me 🤪 I only bet on games that look good to my eyes lol. Of course im using my feelings.
  5. I dont usually get involved in seeds Because changing seeds seems ridiculous to me. I dont believe things will go well and ı will win when i change the seeds lol.
  6. There is a lot game for wagering. Dice 1.01 Limbo 1.01 Plinko 8 High Wheel 10 LOW Keno classic You need to choose one of them and start wagering.
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