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  1. Well, I guess it actually depends. Bitcoin is great, however in my opinion it is the most risky cryptocurrency right now, due to the fact that it has been stagnating for a while. The fact that it has grown from 13k to 19k bucks in less than a month, in my opinion is nothing new. It happened before, and after it explodes like that, it drops down really much. And the general idea of investment, is to buy cheap and sell expensive, sooo the Bitcoin is not cheap at all. That is why I think that it is not a great investment for a beginner in this domain. I would choose Litecoin or Ethereum. However
  2. It is a current problem, with the monitoring of unknown numbers, but I don't really understand the idea. There are a lot of applications that allow saving and monitoring. Am most of us know this.
  3. the example I will give you is a company, and not a special person, I am sure that there are owners who have huge amounts of money held in BTC. The company is Antminer, it is one of the largest companies that produces the mining devices BTC, ETH ...., which are then used on the market when they become less efficient. There were a few situations when it made BTC on the market and the norm price fell.
  4. I put some of my money in here, not all of my ''hard earned'' money, as the author said. In my opinion, gambling is great for people that have enough money but they want even more money, or people that don't have enough money, so they want more money, and they don't have what to risk. That is why i only put a certain amount of money in here, and in case i get lucky, i spend the money for myself. I actually consider it as a side hustle.There are a lot of other great side hustle ideas on https://yourmoneygeek.com/best-side-hustles/. I mean, in case i win, i get some more money to spend, however,
  5. I had a period when I was smoking everything. So I was wearing a bag with myself in which I was holding my vape, cigarettes, iqos, rolling cigarettes things and some weed for the weekend. I was smoking everything during the day and I was feeling very complete because I smoked a little from each, that was looking very cool for me. Now I can smoke shisha from time to time and weed as well. The only things I am keened on now are CBD gummies that taste good from https://www.koalitymedicinals.com/, I love to chew this things during the day, I guess it is my weakness.
  6. I have to agree with this dude. I mean, i am totally against drugs like cocaine, lsd, ecstasy or anything else, however i really like marijuana and i don't really consider it a drug. I also think that cigs and alcohol are even worse, however i also consider coffee a really bad drug for us. Also just take a look at the benefits that cannabis offers to us. While cigs just kill us, and alcohol, is good, but not all the alcohol, and only in small quantities. I first tried to smoke some stuff from UA https://urbanaroma.com/dc-marijuana-delivery/, and since then i realized that there is no point in
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