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  1. I still play this game just because of "Fizz", as for me is my best champ and I love him!
  2. In the casino = Dice and limbo In real life = World of Warcraft
  3. Is called "Systhes1s" here in my country, it's my drug, the most powerful in the world without a doubt.
  4. He'll help MY economy if he wins, I bet on him
  5. Yaii

    Favorite song?

    Mozart Le Nozze di Figaro Act 4 Finale Part 2
  6. Schindler's List Very important learning and thoughtful in many ways.
  7. Well lately I'm winning gambling here in Stake, and (in my case) sex does not make me money. So, for now, I choose gambling of course, I love the money!
  8. "Proud" to be virgin at 26 years old, just expecting the right person. The reason I comment? I'm proud to announce my "forum's virginity lost" by commenting here, which is my first time making a comment in the forum, how it feels? It feels great!
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