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  1. ronghui red is the best color for luck
  2. My highest parlays/ multi bet was around 30x. Anything higher i feel is so difficult, what about guys? Any tips on making better multi bets?
  3. I really like book of the dead, what are some others that have similar graphics? What are your fav game shows? My fav is deal or no deal!
  4. Hi all, often i see telegram challenges completed so quickly, do people use past bets to submit or what to complete that quickly? How competitive is it if you actually tried for it?
  5. Hi i am new to the forum and cant seem to reply to some posts, is there a limit on it or how should i unlock it?
  6. After betting $1 for awhile and i get some big wins, i naturally want to increase the bet to lets say $2-5 and most of the time in matter of minutes the game just eats back all the profit and im a goner...
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