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  1. My favorite thing to play is the new releases but prefer the red tiger games. betty Boris is one of the ones I like to play
  2. My dream car is to own a 77 camero. I had one in high school. It was an Aqua blue with metallic flakes in it.
  3. No! I definitely wouldn’t advise it. Gambling without any sleep leads to sleep deprivation. Your mind needs to rest in order to make proper decisions.
  4. Your chances of winning are like playing the lottery
  5. I joined stake as a form of entertainment & not a job. You win some & lose some. It’s all a matter of self control & not greed.
  6. My best winning bet is when I played bonanza for the first time. I didn’t think it was going to stop winning. I won around 600.00
  7. My common regret is not changing slots when I see the one I’m playing hasn’t had any wins after a certain amount of spins.
  8. That’s not an easy job. I had to fill in for my brother when he broke his arm. Of course, it was winter time
  9. I personally love the pragmatic games. Listening to all the different sounds make me feel like I’m in a real casino.
  10. My first cellphone was the Samsung flip phone. Before that, my step dad used to say the pay phone was my cellphone. Lol
  11. My favorite was the loony tunes cartoons. Now, it’s the new ones that my grandkids watch like spongebob. We watch a lot of it.
  12. My hobbies are doing fun & educational things with my grandkids. I never had grandparents around while growing up so I want to make sure that I am.
  13. Welcome to forum! I joined in June of this year. Chat can get crazy at times, especially when it rains then it’s hard to keep up with conversations. Most everyone on here is friendly. You’ll see several names that are on there a lot. FRNBoyZ is super nice & is our “one love mate.” The mods are very friendly. Always try to get in the chat & make sure to wager enough to qualify for rain. It automatically picks the stakers that have wagered the correct amount & are on chat at the time of rain. Best of luck to you!
  14. A friend of mine introduced me to stake. Love it!
  15. I enjoy watching the cooking & baking shows. I got my oldest granddaughter started in watching them & now. I also enjoy watching the travel network & remodeling
  16. Yes, everything happens for a reason & while we should go with our gut instinct on withdrawing or continuing to play, I feel that some people have more adrenaline in them & don’t follow their gut instinct. You have some who are happy to just double their money while others will go all in on their bets. All or nothing. I’m more of a conservative person. I’m happy to just make more than I started with. I look at gambling as a form of entertainment & not a career. I believe that if you look at it from this point of view, the pressure to keep going is greater, thus, you have a greater chance of losing
  17. My opinion is too increase the pool but also increase the challenge question depending on the pool amount. So, therefore, the bigger the pool amount the harder the challenge question is.
  18. My opinion is that even though Biden won, there are still questionable votes from the mail in ballots coming in after the deadline. Also, that ballots with deceased names were being counted. I feel Trump still has a chance with the evidence that will be presented. There are witnesses to the wrong doing in counting votes.
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