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  1. Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus. It was smooth on my end no problem!!
  2. nah table tennis? just skip if its russian games because it more likely to be mafia and besides no stream and same players playing in other matches. so i wont recommend betting on them
  3. you can pm right away if u really want to communicate them
  4. Wag greedy kasi tulad sakin na panay all in pag streak win. I feel u sa point na yan kasi minsan napapautang ako para sumugal hahaha. pero now nagbagong buhay na. sugal nalang sa extra pera
  5. I would like to agree with this. Hoping for the next alt coin added is BAT. I'm using brave browser. Earn free stuff things
  6. If you loan just to bet, then its not advisable. You might end up borrowing more money to win back what you lose. But if you loan for investment and its sure profit then why not. I mean business to be exact
  7. Losing badly!! It sucks when you got emotionally get carried to win back all your lose lmao
  8. Well for me its definitely PUBG. Its hard for me to play fortnite and having a hard time for my attention on the game itself. Basically childish for me
  9. Oh well yeah i did it. And its very amusing though its hard because u know Ending we both so happy for what we did that night. And i really love remembering that day cuz it was hell of a fun for both of us. What a remarkable and lucky to experience it once in a lifetime because i dont do sex to others and im faithful
  10. sorry edit ko lang. nakita ko na pala pano ilinked yung account. pasensya na at maraming salamat sa info. GLHF guys
  11. Well for me its Frozen Throne. And up to this day i still playing Dota2. I wouldn't get tired playing on this game though the community and players nowadays are toxic especially SEA
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