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  1. It's really don't worth it I was there took loans and lost , but I promised to myself not to do it again , because it adds to your pressure and it will be more likely to you to lose
  2. I prefer 10 minute bonus because you can claim it many times and do small bets and may be win
  3. Just watch the games ( I recommend csgo) and you can also can read bet tips
  4. Wow amazing parlay it's very sad to lose because of one leg but keep on going ,maybe next time you will win
  5. I love to bet on tennis , ( over 9.5 ) nfl on Sundays (cause it fun to watch) and also csgo
  6. I love to bet on tennis and nfl . Also csgo exact set scores in which you have very high odds and it is easy to predict
  7. I am betting over 9.5 if there are 2 players with good serve
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