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  1. username: xajkk kinda late lol kw: blue
  2. Hi Ramiroshi! Happy birthday to you! Hoping you will win some today and keep it green for the next year atleast
  3. xajkk kw: morgana thanks and GL
  4. Hi, No, it won't affect any how winning rate, as jackson said^^, but it can change your decisions and the way you see the game due to for an example...: near miss etc.
  5. xajkk

    Raffle ticket

    Hey there, I am not counting to win this raffle, since there's many stakers with many more tickets than I've got. But still there might be a chance even with 13 tickets to win that I have got, and many more to come, since I play on stake daily.
  6. I am pretty much new to stake and to be honest, I am very satisfied with how it's going here - the mods are friendly, and nice to me - in support they dont use copy messages. The chat is always welcoming me and active. Then in the casino part I am very happy there's evolutiongaming, but as pug said^^ it needs poker.
  7. Hey, I see alot of people typing 1.01x on dice/limbo, it's true, but it's slow and can hurt you sometimes if you make higher bets. So instead of highering rakes I recommend you opening more tabs, which won't make you lose at the same time more.
  8. For me the word combination "good luck" is just a phrase, that won't affect my gambling "luck" at all. So I just take it as a formality and I am used to getting good lucks or write it.
  9. I like betting on football (soccer) - there's many betting options (from goals to corners, to yellow/red cards...) and if you're lucky you can combine nice multipliar.
  10. Hey there! I currently have an iPhone X and it seems to work pretty okay, but sometimes can happen that it can overheat the phone slightly, and makes it hard to gamble. I would suggest playing evolutiongaming live casino, which never lags my phone.
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