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  1. If i remember correctly last year we got a new year bonus not sure if this year will be the same can't get any info anywhere...
  2. lol i remember pac coin that too turned out to be a ponzi
  3. xrp is the best cost efficient and fastest transaction coin
  4. I personally hate the dark forum it seems like i am visiting a illegal forum lol. I like this the way it is.
  5. Example You have blackjack and dealer is showing an A at hand. The computer will ask if you want insurance. Would be nice for it to show take "even money" .
  6. I have health problems so i can't do things outside so tis gives me some sort of enjoyment liek playing a game
  7. They should add the coin Polkadot ranked number 5 pm coinmarketcap its a coin i like to invest in as its new and has potential to make a good investment adding it on to this site will add value to the coin
  8. never going to happen lol the hype isn;'t there like it was
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