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  1. this is what im concerned about no wonder im not hitting my high multi's thank you so much for the reply
  2. How much xrp do you have ? Minimum would be 50 xrp
  3. Does it affect the rolls ? Like disrupt the current roll of the other game because you are using the nonce or roll number ? Especially during hunting high multipliers ?
  4. bellatra monkey jackpot shit
  5. why is the nonce not separated for each stake originals game ?
  6. hi thanks for the great work is this available for ios thanks
  7. coinbase just got sued thats why they are overtaken by china
  8. is this the bot posted on the other wall ? nice
  9. first of all i would like to greet each and everyone a happy happy merry christmas and the best new year to come , i hope and pray that you are all healthy and doing great in life , since there is no snow here in our country i tried being resourceful as much as i can using an old pillow , some twigs, a bottle of yakult that i just consumed (for standing and body ) and plastic cap and an old t shirt for the scarf, i had fun doing it so here is my entry goodluck to everyone have fun and enjoy thanks also to stimubate for the awesome collection of gary avatars
  10. Leicester - Manchester United 3-1 Aston Villa - Crystal Palace 2-1 Fulham - Southampton 2-2 Arsenal - Chelsea 1-1 Manchester City - Newcastle 1-1 Sheffield United - Everton 1-1 Leeds - Burnley 2-1 West Ham - Brighton 1-2 Liverpool - West Brom 1-2 Wolves - Tottenham 2-1 tie breaker 45 mins
  11. is it a snowman hahah OP click everythin on there hmm santa ?
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