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  1. I prefer to invest in top 15 coins only.. and most impo rule never put all egg in single bucket
  2. Great bro.. hope you will hit with balance also gl
  3. xrp and trx if you want big bank roll with low balance acording to btc
  4. Both are good but limbo is bettr if you wann play high payout
  5. most of time i play high payout.. best thing is that you can do pre roll with bet amount 0.. Nothing is best is gambling dont be greedy thats it
  6. RR will win todays match.. I am going for any player score 100 lets see
  7. Yes you can make money if you play BJ like 2× On dice
  8. Yes it is posible but maybe it will take more time.. till Dec 2021 maybe we c hit 25000$
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