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  1. The idea of sending crypto via paypal is so ridiculous. They are such a terrible payment processor. At least when I pay with them through my credit card I know that I have protection through my bank. Not going to risk spending 1000s in crypto through paypal and have it be irrecoverable in case of an issue. They gave me the run around for 3 months (granted during covid) on a $15000 purchase on precious metals. Ended up having to deal with it through my bank on the second last day before my bank wouldn't be able to step in.
  2. MINES: 30,021,682,965 placed by liquidfirekan on 14/10/2020 Wagered 0.00482080 Multiplier 35.0308x Profit 0.16405553 MINES: 30,021,853,396 placed by liquidfirekan on 14/10/2020 Wagered 0.00330375 Multiplier 73.9538x Profit 0.24102127 MINES: 30,021,975,532 placed by liquidfirekan on 14/10/2020 Wagered 0.00327500
  3. What do you mean "for wager" 1.01x bets don't count towards total wagered or races so you have to do 1.02x minimum. If I wanted to just run up my wager for the race or something I would probably try to make a few thousand off of playing "normally" then go to limbo and do $5000 at 1.02x for 20 hands or something for 100k wagered. Or do sports betting cause it's double wager count.
  4. I'm in Canada but to be honest Stake has even better comps than casinos here. I get comped maybe a "$800" room once a week after I wagered 500k in a night. Over 250k lost there and no more than $10k in comps. Stake has given me way more than that for only 20k loss at my lowest. Plus on top of that they have rakeback which most casinos don't offer to anyone who walks in with less than 100k cash. Stake is THE best online casino available as far as I can tell. There may be some Vegas casinos that offer better comps but to be honest I doubt it. Especially for most low rollers. I'm not
  5. Is it possible? Yes. However it is much more likely you'll go bust before you hit 10k wagered. Imagine a coin flip game where the house has no edge. If you bet $5 on heads and $5 on tails you will always win $5 and lose $5 meaning that you are even. However you will have wagered $10. Once you implement an edge to this it obviously becomes much more difficult.
  6. https://ibb.co/XSTJtf7 (Same as attached pic) - wins and losses every day Basically my strategy is to play with 3 mines and click 3-4 diamonds at a time. Clicking 3 diamonds 3 times in a row with maxing your bet each time is 1.47^3 return. Or roughly 3.17x The chance of you being able to cash out 3 diamonds in a game is: 22/25 * 21/24 * 20/23 or ~66.95% So if we take that number and cube it (for 3 games) 0.6695x0.6695x0.6695 = 0.30009 Or roughly 30% Keep in mind that stake has a 1% edge. So getting 3.17x on a
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