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  1. Hey I make bets every day and ive noticed that the bet slips lags and doesnt show the correct outcome. I will attach a screenshot. Like a delay. Does this happen to you guys too? Screenshot shows game is at the 81 min on the soccer game score 1-1 Bet slip shows 0-1 min 55 (A big delay) This happens on MLB and different sports ^ also its been happening for several days.
  2. Both if I know the sport and there is a 1.01 I take it since its 3x but wagering on casino is faster. The day before the 1st 1,000,000 race I wagered 800,000 usd on dice lol (It was when the race was a secret -_-)
  3. 3/11 casino:42852205795 4/11 casino:42701768381 5/11 casino:42770262446
  4. 1/11 casino:42674236771 2/11 casino:42674477905
  5. 8/11 casino:40246532321 9/11 casino:40247256287 10/11 casino:40247923423 11/11 casino:40248074985
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