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  1. LIMBO: 31,778,682,628 placed by noobkid220 on 29/11/2020 Wagered 0.00128000 Multiplier 50x Profit 0.06272000 finally bet 5/11 #TeamJelena
  2. LIMBO: 31,600,340,435 placed by noobkid220 on 25/11/2020 Wagered 0.20000000 Multiplier 50x Profit 9.80000000 bet 2 #TeamJelena
  3. you can lock it right now since I just won 😝
  4. I only started around August this year even though I think I made my account around May or June. That’s because that’s when I was big on the casinos that gave me weekly promotions and was completely unaware of Stakes VIP program and now that I’ve gotten into the VIP program I don’t usually ever gamble anywhere else. Plus the variety at stake is second to none. The games and slots they offer are awesome. I wouldn’t mind maybe some more Booming and Spinomenal slots but I’m more then happy with what they offer already
  5. Ummm 1 night lol Ive gone on full 4-5 day gambling binges without any sleep haha. But that right there probably proves I have an addiction haha
  6. I am a huge huge fan of the iSoftbet games because I’ve noticed that they usually will tell you pretty early into a couple spins if you’re going to hit or not and they also have some of the highest nicest bonuses on their games to hit. Like Hot Spin, Hot Spin deluxe are usually golden if you hit the bonus spin for at least like tripling your bankroll. I know one time I took like 86mBTC off like 6 spins on a bonus on Hot Spin with only a 0.1mBTC bet so when they pay they definitely pay. Also Fu Fortunes megaways is another good one by them but they got some hidden gems too that people don’t pla
  7. Oh ya I forgot about the transaction fees too is another reason I like sending the XRP lol way way cheaper

  9. I like using XRP when I wanna get down and dirty quick and fast lol but if I’m slot playing I prefer good old bitcoin but the mBTC usually goes quickly which is why I like Stake because they give you cash value for the crypto you deposit
  10. My username has been my username ever since I started in crypto period. When I first started trading on exchanges like mint pal and bittrex and bleutrade and empoex and cryptopia and all the rest I found out very fast that no one used their real names and everyone had what I liked to call their trading or online “alter ego”. Well when I found out that the majority of trading and sharing ideas and things were done on Twitter and bitcointalk.org I knew that I needed to come up with something that would make me stand out among the other traders. I repeatedly heard the term noob, noob, n
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