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  1. I believe the is a lot of unexplored opportunities in the DeFi space. With quite number of good projects being launch and niche bringing lots of fire in the markets. What is Defi token are buying right now and why?
  2. BTC can easily go to 20k and even above by the end of 2020. My fear in the short term is the CME at $9600. Are we going to fill it soon? Or will the bull run continue without filling it?
  3. It is possible for that to happen though there is a lot to done for BTC to get to 100K. I personally think once the market cap increase to crazy heights and mess adoption of Bitcoin use continues then 100K is possible. For now let's just focus on the 20k mark, we are struggling to go above 11k.
  4. I don't think there's any crypto asset that is better than Bitcoin. Not for now. It is true some altcoin have great potential but I don't see them beating BTC any time soon.
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