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  1. 1- My stake username: torVicYT 2- i spend like like 8~15 hours on chat everyday ( i have no job at moment so i have full time available ) 3- Keep the chat organized, making them respect the rules, warning about possible rule breaks, and punishing users who come to disrespect the rules of the site. 4- I wanted to become a moderator of Stake because it is the site that I like and bet the most, becoming part of the team would be really cool, and also the fact that I am unemployed, would be a great advance in my personal life. 5- I was muted once in the beginning because I didn't know the rules yet and I was new to the site, but it only lasted a short time, it wasn't a serious mistake. 6- no, i never had the opportunity... adtional information: i'm from Brazil, 25 years old, portuguese is my native language, i have a decent english and decent spanish .
  2. welcome buddy! best of luck on your bets!
  3. torVicYT

    Raffle ticket

    i have 11 rafffle tickets and ofc i will win this. thank you
  4. that would be bilions of tickets
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