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  1. So as we all know the giveaway is here. My question is, if you win the giveaway will you accept a lambo or will you take the dollar amount? If you opt for the cash, what will you spend it on if you decide not to save or invest?
  2. The best sport to gamble on is the sport you follow the closest and know the most information about. Unless you just like to fade the public in sports you don’t know too well 😈
  3. I’m just under 70 but haven’t been gambling for quite some time now to get more.
  4. As soon as the clowns figure out who gets to wear the red nose
  5. A reply saying “amazing job” is me on the hunt for 10 as well 🙂
  6. Someone’s life is going to change today !! Best of luck to everyone
  7. the best advice I give myself is to stay away from casino, and only throw bigger bets on the sports I actually am familiar with.
  8. Same with me, was looking for something to increase my amount of crypto and a friend recommended gambling with it 🤣
  9. Best of luck to you, and everyone else today !
  10. For me it depends. If it’s a one or two night stand, I’m going for the best body I can have the most fun with for that time. Face doesn’t matter too much bc it’s going to be in the pillow half of the time. If I’m looking for growth and development then obviously face because who wants to date a woman they aren’t even attracted to and can’t have face to face sex with 🙂
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