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  1. I hope so, I think btc will soon be at this price
  2. Belo topico, espero que um dia eu precise voltar aqui para ver oque preciso(ou nao, deve ser tanta taxa...)
  3. The same happens to me, I would really like it to have a Portuguese support too, even if I understand English very well, a support in native language would be good
  4. I think you should never do that, it is very risky and betting should be safe and with what you CAN spend, not something that can compromise you financially
  5. i think limbo is better, you can get high multiX
  6. wow dude, congrats. Plinko is really good when go high
  7. Currently it is the best site I see to bet on, it gives us several bonuses and a part of the loss we had
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