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  1. Maybe we must create fundraising for poor person Eddie? I know. Hard times ahead. Guy don't have money for bread. Stake must be hosted on server created of potato. All the time we have the lags, all the time we get the messages on the site "error.service_disabled" and the like. Maybe this fundraising is good idea? By the way very nice logic on the Eddie mind. Site have polish translation but polish channel will not been created because is few polish players. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. [pl] Eddie kazał przekazać, że żadnego kanału nie będzie, bo za mało przelewów z polski dostaje.
  3. @wszechmogacy Eddie responds you but you first must make a deposit haha
  4. On the stake is more Polish players than from some other countries example russia but russians get the channel. From Eddie marsians probably would get the channel but not Poland Eddie przestań mi kraj prześladować bo naślę Ziobro!
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