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  1. SLOTS: 31,651,308,757 placed by Amez on 26/11/2020 Wagered 0.00194400 Multiplier 213x Profit 0.41212800
  2. KENO: 30,975,778,225 placed by Amez on 09/11/2020 Wagered 3.95300000 Multiplier 9x Profit 31.62400000 KENO: 30,976,446,542 placed by Amez on 09/11/2020 Wagered 3.95300000 Multiplier 90x Profit 351.81700000
  3. HILO: 30,893,728,531 placed by Amez on 06/11/2020 Wagered 3.91500000 Multiplier 20.3142x Profit 75.61490976 casino:30893728531
  4. First online game was Nitto 1320. was a drag racing game back in the day. Even remember my username it was moneyman420 lol
  5. Had my name for about 12 years. was my username for world of warcraft. Its the name of a fallen angel.
  6. would love to own one of the new Acura NSX's things look gorgeous!
  7. This is Brady. No ideal what kind of dog he is we got him when he was a few weeks old.
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