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  1. sport:6625666 Coin Toss Result (Tails) Which team will win the coin toss? (Buccaneers) Jersey number of first touchdown scorer (Odd) Will there be a 2-point conversion attempt? (Yes) A longest successful field goal (Under 47.5) Which TE will score more Touchdowns? (Kelce) Will there be a scoreless quarter? (No) Will the team that wins the coin toss win the game? (No) Not including extra point(s) after touchdown, what will the last score be? (Touchdown) Will the game be tied at any point after 0-0? (Yes) Will anyone other than Tom Brady or
  2. casino:35356980255 edit to upload photo of win
  3. KENO: 35,139,392,317 placed by Amez on 28/01/2021 Wagered 0.00158120 Multiplier 500x Profit 0.78901880 Team Steve
  4. MINES: 35,110,451,183 placed by Amez on 27/01/2021 Wagered 0.00790600 Multiplier 83.1981x Profit 0.64985800
  5. SLOTS: 34,775,694,393 placed by Amez on 21/01/2021 Wagered 0.00003139 Multiplier 72.8x Profit 0.00225380
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