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  1. PAYI ThanQ Eddie.. Good luck for the session
  2. Bet id: casino: SLOTSSAMURAI: 32,741,613,964 placed by PAYI on 20/12/2020 Wagered 1.00000000 Multiplier 75x Profit 74.00000000
  3. Black Coffee Naturally without Sugar
  4. Mine was in Deadwood more than 600X with a $1 bet.. Never crossed 500X again. But hopefully someday
  5. Me too like everyone.. but I m not lucky though.. good luck all
  6. For gambling, loans are like coffins. Do gambling, only for entertainment. If u win, enjoy it. If loose, forget it. When we think, to earn huge and it will help in our domestic life and play with a target, it adds tremendous pressure and it leads to wrong decisions. Ultimately loosing everything. Kindly refrain yourself from this mess.
  7. Normally I play with 1.15X But some days, it's not safe too
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