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  1. Firstly i want to state my motivation - not to win any points ( in fact im quite certain that this alone disqualifies me, since it may sound passive-aggressive or inmature. Nevertheless - its the truth. And i always tell the truth - no matter the consequences ( not saying this is intelligent or sometimes appropriate - it simply is WHAT I AM Experiencieng first hand the brutal and just random injustice rained down by the current Moderator "Mr.Marcel" - and feeling the almost unbarable sadness, being ripped out of my Group of special People and having to watch from the sidelines.....
  2. thx, yop thats what facebook support just told me as well - guess i will use the authentcator then again
  3. Hi, i suddenly dont receive the login code anymoe - not late,but not at all. Live chat is not accesible if im not logged in and facebook support doesnt answer ?? Account name is QueenEv1l
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