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  1. u will end up doing it over and over again then get desperate to play and lose in the end by thinking of need to payback those loans so for me its better to play what u have
  2. playing crazy time needs higher balance u need to tank a lot of empty spin to get good payout
  3. dice much better if u play on auto coz limbo is sometimes too deep in reds but it depends on where u are comfortable to play with
  4. so far the benefits is really good the problem is the greediness of individual player so play smart and safe coz its gambling
  5. Table tennis and e sports game is easiest to win u just specifically bet on points area or in e sport base on kill or towers
  6. hello there boss sak for me play dice and take reds first the more higher your p.o the more reds you will get then when u get the specific reds u want like example 30 reds for 10x payout then thats where u start to bet an amount
  7. scarab slots (Stake Original) Release the kraken for me is the generous slot so far in my experience
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