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  1. Yes very satisfied with stake. I spend my free time on stake and it's so much fun especially when winning haha
  2. Most of the time even when you really start with small base martingale really kills, especially on auto. So I think it's not worth it.
  3. I don't really understand the combinations in samurai slots, I prefer the scarab spin since I think picking the number of lines help. Dunno if that's just me or it really helps haha
  4. Haha yes very ironic you drink coffee before sleep. when I do I won't be able to sleep for some hours so I drink only coffee early morning.
  5. Yes a lot of times. Usually happens when i am able to fold my balance 5x-10x then thinks that i got bigger bank roll and it's safe.
  6. I am planning to do sports challenges so it would depend on what type of challenge they do. As of the moment it's on tennis matches. But I like to bet more on soccer, basketball, and csgo.
  7. wow how long have you been on stake ? I am at 7.53% progress towards gold. I hope you recover your loss bit by bit. Goodluck on your way to platinum.
  8. I think it's best to do 0 bets to skip some long lossing streak. Other than that is just instinct and luck.
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