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  1. how is it such a round number too its weird seeing it so clean ... congrats
  2. I hardly ever used auto bet when it was available on VP.
  3. zuey

    I love Dice, do you?

    Dice is fun, its my most favorite game of all time.
  4. thats just absolutely insane. my biggest was around x1k
  5. we can't predict its coming in 100 rolls or 1000 rolls.
  6. zuey

    Plinko 1000x

    Plinko 1000x so hard i think average 30000-60000 bet to hit
  7. No strategy pursue but just go all in on red or black
  8. thats huge! very nice multiplayer I like this game and I play mostly this game but I not get like this multiplayer any time.
  9. i ususally play high risk on keno becouse i think thats how the game should look
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