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  1. Goodluck everyone! πŸ€ Stake Username: Williamsipad Gold
  2. Did just drop a follow on Twitch. Doesn’t seem like your live atm tho. My Stake username is: Williamsipad Nice to see the community on Stake forum stream!
  3. Welcome to the Stake family! ❀️
  4. Aston Villa 2-0 Leeds West Ham 1-3 Manchester City Fulham 0-1 Crystal Palace Manchester United 3-1 Chelsea Liverpool 3-0 Sheffield united Southampton 1-1 Everton Wolves 1-1 Newcastle Arsenal 2-1 Leicester Brighton 1-0 West Brom Burnley 0-3 Tottenham TieBreaker: 29 minutes Stake ID: Williamsipad
  5. I believe it will reach 20K minimum within 6 months.
  6. I feel like alcohol can trigger bad decisions, not a good mix when money is in the picture.
  7. Nope, hopefully it will be possible during the summer 2021.
  8. Manchester City vs Arsenal Getafe vs Barcelona Augsburg vs Leipzig Monaco vs Montpellier Inter Milan vs AC Milan Stake ID: Williamsipad
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