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  1. wrecky Have a good day to all and best of luck ❤️
  2. so far i enjoyed playing this game for doubling my bet, :)
  3. nice one though, did you do that pattern on every bet?
  4. wrecky

    Can't hit!!!

    i cant even hunt 1000x ,maybe limbo is not for me to play but its good for wagering strat
  5. i cant even hit 1000x lol, but thank you for sharing this one! :)
  6. low bet and 98% chance of winning if for wagering strat
  7. i do change seed when everything is going red on dice
  8. will try this strat :),thanks for sharing !
  9. dice is good for me to wager , because im still achieving bronze xd :D
  10. The Old guard on netflix, awesome movie.
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